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“How it all started with the white lions”

Adele Girls


“In August 2011 I was priviledged to spend time in the Timbavati ( literally translated as “place where the starlions came down” ) region of the Greater Kruger Park at !Tsau Conservancy, home to the first free roaming White Lions and headquarters of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. Here I met the guardians of these sacred lions, Linda Tucker, who bears the shamanic title “keeper of the White Lions”, Jason Turner, the lion ecologist and of course the 2 royal prides of White Lions. This encounter was a life changing experience for me and I had a clear message from the starlions to not only help with their protection but also reconnect as many people as possible on their travels to Africa with nature and in doing so with themselves, their hearts and their own true purpose on this earth.

Two years later Journeys In Africa was born, building onto 17 years of previous experience with planning holidays for people from all over the world and changing its vision to focus on responsible tourism supporting and respecting the earth’s animals, plants, birds and local communities. Standardised guided tours were replaced by the introduction of insightful journeys with experienced leaders  to some of Africa’s wildest and most sacred destinations such as African soul safaris ,  Connecting with animals, Nature Journeys and involvement in conservation projects and greener “slow” tourism ventures such as longer stays in Green eco lodges or Walking in wilderness and  Gourmet food & wine travel.

I invite you to join us on this new venture into the Wilderness of Africa and into your heart”