• Look past your thoughts so you can drink the pure nectar of this moment- Rumi


"Your connection and friends in Africa"

Adele Sinisterra

Founder, MD and Journey leader

With 17 years of experience at management level in tour operating and a lifetime passion for the natural world (she has been traveling throughout southern Africa since the age of 3), Adele continually brings new and exciting concepts to Journeys In Africa as she herself evolves and grows. She is personally involved with the Sacred Retreats and African Soul Journeys and, whenever possible, ventures into the Kalahari.

Helene Sinisterra


Animal lover and communicator, Helene is in charge of our Facebook page keeping everything fresh and up to date. When not studying at school or busy in the office she spends every spare minute with her gorgeous horse Bella.

Bruce Terlien

Safari expert

With 15 years of leading safaris all over southern Africa and a registered level 2 field guide, Bruce is our eyes and ears when it comes to planning all the finer details of our safaris and nature expeditions. His big passions in life are southern Africa’s birds, animals and plants and on our Namibian and Nature Journeys you will often be in his capable hands.

Melissa Krige

Tree communicator & conservationist

Melissa lives with her family in the ancient forest of Platbos home to some rare and sacred trees over 1000 years of age. In communication with the trees she has produced the African Tree Essence range of remedies that hold the vibrational blueprint of the sacred trees. You will benefit from Melissa’s wisdom and insight on trees and the natural forests that support our Earth on our Sacred Forest Retreats.

Erica Vink

Walking & Wine Leader

Erica is an outdoor enthusiast and has spent much of her time exploring the beautiful hiking trails on our Walking in Wilderness Journeys throughout South Africa not forgetting enigmatic Table Mountain which is on her back doorstep. Apart from being a much loved guide on our Flower Nature Journeys, Erica leads many of our Food and Wine Gourmet Journeys into the Winelands and don’t be surprised if you take a detour on the way to some of her “secret” local wine spots.

Wynther Worsthome

Animal communicator & conservationist

Wynther is a world renowned animal and inter species communicator conducting workshops both locally and internationally and her ethos “for the animals” applies to everything she does in life. We are priviledged to have her collaboration and leadership on our Connecting with Animals Journeys and deep insight into some of Africa’s most sacred and rare animals.