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Best time to see the Namaqualand flowers

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is: “When is the absolutely best, 100% guaranteed time to see Namaqualand’s flowers“ ? As it’s often a lifetime dream of many to experience the beauty and sheer delight of being amongst thousands of colourful flowers and witnessing one of the most spectacular miracles of nature firsthand, this is quite an important question and deserves a more indepth answer.

The traditional peak flowering period is from beginning August to the end of September; however as each season is highly dependent on the preceding winter rains this is variable and the flowers could start blooming slightly earlier and extend into early October should the rainfalls continue during the Spring months.

After several years of conducting journeys to the Spring Flowers we can safely vouch for the period from 2nd week of August until sometime in the 2nd week of September. Within this time frame we have been experiencing earlier rather than later flowering over the past 3 years, so planning your trip anytime from beginning August is a good bet.

Please keep in mind that even with the best planning in the world, the Spring flowers are subject to Mother Nature and should the weather be cloudy and cold ( below 17 degrees Celsius ) they will not open and on the other hand should there be a sudden hot spell, they can disappear quite quickly.

A region that never disappoints is the Bokkeveld plateau where the plains of the Hantam Karoo meet Cape fynbos northwards of Clanwilliam and embracing Niewoudtville and surrounds. With over 300 species of bulbs alone Niewoudtville is aptly names the Bulb Capital of the World and it is not uncommon for more than 50 species of flowers to be revealed upon close examination of a 1 meter square piece of land. Bulbs or geophytes are less likely to be affected by weather patterns than other more typical types of Spring flowers such as Namaqualand Daisies. This is due to their varied methods of storing water, avoiding predation and dispersal, all which contribute to an incredible wealth of flowers in bloom.

A Flower Journey In Pictures sums up the experience of traveling amongst the Spring flowers come rain or sunshine. Enjoy !


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