• Let your past drift away with the water in harmony and flowing peace


An oasis in the great Kalahari desert, Botswana is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and natural scenery on Earth, reminiscent of an “Africa as it used to be” unchanged by time. 10,000 square miles of lagoon, marsh and papyrus channels in the Okavango Delta teem with animals and birds, giving way to wide open grassland plains dotted with thorn trees and desert like salt pans. Here you will find the largest concentration of elephants in all the world together with a true untamed wilderness.

Why visit Botswana ?

  • The Okavango Delta a veritable paradise of green islands and waterways
  • Unfenced vast wilderness with small intimate safari camps
  • One of the few places to witness animal migrations
  • Chobe National Park home to the largest herds of elephants
  • Mekoro ( canoe ) boating along crystal waterways surrounded by birds
  • The Kalahari Desert and Makgadigadi salt pans
  • Ancient baobab trees and feel of the true “spirit of Africa” unchanged by time

Map of Botswana

Best Time To Go

Botswana offers premier game-viewing throughout the year. The winter months (May to September) are dry, with warm and sunny days but temperatures do drop to below freezing at night. The summer months (October to April) are hot although welcome relief is received from magnificent afternoon showers. The main rains fall between December and March, but often just in the form of brief thundershowers that last an hour or two before the sun re-emerges. Prices can be hugely discounted during this “green season”.