• Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom - Francis Bacon


“Each small decision we make for nature will shape the future of the Earth”

We know that our natural earth and its cultural heritage is under serious threat and needs to be preserved urgently, but often we feel paralysed by the extent of the issues at stake and wonder what difference we can make.

One of the most important positive impacts you can have on the earth and nature is by being a green traveller, being conscious of who you are supporting when you travel. What sustainable projects ? What greening programs ? Which eco -conscious property owners ? Which safari lodges with a “no hunting” policy ?

To help you in this quest, we have sourced (and continue to discover) places which are eco conscious, with owners that are practising responsible tourism and projects that are making a difference to nature and the local communities they support.

By being a responsible green traveller and choosing to stay in accommodation that prioritises the preservation of nature and local communities, your stay in Africa can create a greater awareness of the value of the earth as more and more people realise the priceless value of what we are preserving.