• In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. — John Muir

Walking in Wilderness

Walking in nature allows one’s mind to relax and fully immerse into the magic of the natural world. Our Walking in Wilderness Journeys focus on special destinations in Africa where the soles of our feet connect our hearts with the soul of Africa.

10 Inspirational Cape Day Tours

"Eco friendly day tours and walks in and around Cape Town"

Get to really know Cape Town's culture, people and nature reserves on this unique collection of day tours and walks in and around Cape Town.

Walking with wildflowers 5 day journey

"Take in the joys of Spring by walking with wildflowers"

Get up close to the annual Spring Wildflowers on this enchanting walking journey. Did you know there can be over 50 species of wildflowers to discover in a one meter squared patch of land !

Desert and Stars 3 day walking trail

"An exploration on foot of the magnificent Namib Desert"

Imagine walking through the sands of time and sleeping under a blanket of a million stars…… in comfort and under the guidance of an expert natural history guide.