• Phophonyane Falls eco lodge is a hidden secret in the middle of the forests in Swaziland
  • The Phophonyane waterfall cascades over several kilometres of ancient gneiss, the world's oldest rock formation
  • The enigmatic scarlet and emerald Narina Trogan can be encountered in the forests of the reserve


Phophonyane Falls Eco Lodge, Swaziland

Phophonyane Falls Ecolodge is nestled in the dramatic mountain landscape of north-west Swaziland, amid tumbling waterfalls and lush natural forests. It is a favourite destination for nature lovers seeking a romantic and revitalising “secret” hideaway.

The Ecolodge is designed to maximize the experience of the beautiful scenery and accommodation is set in spacious gardens with running streams, ponds and waterways, the sounds of running water creating an exquisite ambience. There is a choice of luxury beehive huts with spectacular valley views, garden cottages facing the rugged Gobolondo Mountain or safari tents on decks tucked in the natural forest above the river. The beehives are romantic versions of Swazi traditional accommodation complete with windows and en suite bathrooms, made with natural materials and original artwork and ceramics

Phophonyane Falls Ecolodge is situated in its own 600 ha private nature reserve.Walk along the magical forested trails and hear the mysterious hoot of the scarlet and emerald feathered narina trogon, the curious whistle of the red duiker, and bark of the elusive bushbuck. Rest and breathe the revitalizing air of the legendary Phophonyane waterfalls and cascades which tumble over several kilometres of beautifully exposed ancient gneiss, the world’s oldest rock (formed over 3.6 billion years ago). The close proximity of the lodge to the waterfalls means that you will benefit from its well-known therapeutic effects- the negative ions that are known to relax, regenerate and refresh mind, body and soul.


OUR RATING: Comfortable

PRICE FROM: ZAR795 per person

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Children welcome

SIZE: 28 guests

HEALTH: Malaria free

WHY GO: To be lulled by the sounds of a waterfall at night as you go to sleep surrounded by the forest, birds and nature at its wildest


NATURE: The Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve falls within the Barberton Centre of Plant Endemism and protects the rich biodiversity of the middleveld escarpment habitat.

ANIMALS: Besides its rich botanical diversity, the 600 ha reserve is sanctuary to a remarkable 240 species of birds including the narina trogon, wood owl, African goshawk, crowned eagle and small animals such as bushbuck, red duiker, clawless otter, civet, caracal, porcupine, bushpig and water mongoose

PEOPLE: Guided walks to the nearby local community are an excellent way of learning about Swazi rural life. Guests are encouraged to visit the local primary school and interact with the schoolchildren and the teachers. At Bulembu Village a dynamic multi layered program is fostering the development of a new generation of emerging leaders through orphan care, education, health services and commerce.