• A connection to nature and soul is inevitable at Wolwedans Private Camp
  • Wolwedans Private Camp, your home in the middle of the vast Namibrand Reserve
  • The poetry of the Namibrand Reserve mixes a pallette of colors, sensations and breathtaking beauty
  • A thousand hectares of solitude as the sun greets a new day
  • The moods of the Namibrand reflect the inner tapestry of the soul


Wolwedans Private Camp, Namibia

Private Camp is your very own special home at Wolwedans. It invites you to do nothing more than relax and soak up the ever-changing colors of the desert landscape. Situated in a quiet and idyllic valley in the middle of the vast Namibrand Nature Reserve, the camp caters for four guests exclusively. It is the perfect getaway for those seeking uncompromising privacy and solitude. In fact the eco consciousness at Namibrand is so strong for the land that there is a 1 bed to 1000 hectares of nature ratio policy. This means that as a guest at Wolwedans you have about two million square meters of wilderness to yourself.

Private Camp offers two spacious en-suite bedrooms, a ‘Sala’ where one can laze away siestas, various decks and the central lounge, combining a study, living room, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. Its open-plan design allows uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature from each and every aspect.

Private Camp is designed for those who enjoy the peace that utter silence can afford. We recommend a minimum or 2-3 nights to revel in the luxury of reading, reflecting or taking walks in one of the most enchanting landscapes in Africa. Guided activities such as scenic drives or flights, hot-air ballooning and nature walks can be arranged.


OUR RATING: Private Luxury

PRICE FROM: NAD 3800 per person


SIZE: 4-5 guests

HEALTH: Malaria free

WHY GO: The open desert landscapes, starry skies and being in your very own private luxury home in the desert


NATURE: Wolwedans is pushing green buttons wherever it can. Eco-friendly building ensures minimal impact on the earth. All gas fridges have been replaced by solar powered fridges and a solar hybrid system, which reduces fossil fuel consumption by 65%, has just been launched. The NamibRand Nature Reserve has also recently been declared the world’s newest International Dark Sky Reserve with Wolwedans actively protecting its night skies from light pollution. Donations are encouraged by guests to the “adopt a fairy circle” campaign which supports numerous research and educational projects in the reserve.

ANIMALS: A total of 21 cheetahs and 2 leopards, numerous giraffe and red hartebeest have successfully been reintroduced. The reserve hosts a vulture ‘restaurant’ and hide, where the endangered lappet-faced vultures are provided with poison-free carcasses enabling researchers to study them. Support is also offered to resolve predator livestock conflict on neighboring farms.

PEOPLE: The Wolwedans Foundation supports the local community through facilitating their training at a school for chefs in Windhoek (NICE) and through the Desert Academy where all aspects of the hospitality industry are taught. To date more than 100 students have passed through their doors and been recruited by local hotels and restaurants.
The next project to be implemented is The Village Laundry Project which will not only reduce the use of water and energy in Wolwedans but will create jobs for women in the impoverished community in Maltahöhe. The spin off from the natural wastewater treatment plant installed for the project will be safe, non-potable water to sustain a village garden and orchid project.