• You are not a drop in the ocean-you are the entire ocean in a drop - Rumi


In today’s global climate we are needing to look at new ways of living our lives consciously and preserving our earth. By connecting on our journeys in Africa with nature and the earth we can realise that we are in partnership with all living creatures and indeed all forms of life and that as we are all tiny drops in the same huge infinite ocean, we are dependant on each other for survival.

Our commitment at Journeys In Africa to nature is to donate to the White Lion Protection Trust the value of 1 day of Freedom for a White Lion for every person booking on a journey with us in the hope that you will be encouraged to involve yourself further either with the WLT or one of our other eco projects which are all incorporated into our journeys or destinations. We also invite you to consciously act for nature, making a difference to our earth.


  • We pledge to educate and inform our travellers on nature friendly ways to travel
  • We endorse slow tourism, which is literally about slowing down and taking time to connect to nature and to people in local habitats
  • We involve ourselves with projects we believe will help restore the imbalances nature has suffered
  • We connect with the people here in Africa who are making meaningful differences to the lives of animals, the natural environment and local communities
  • We support local communities on our tours and travel itineraries
  • We behave consciously towards nature in our office by recycling, maintaining a paper free environment and greening our surrounds as much as possible.
10 Ways of conscious action for nature
  1. Respect all forms of life and actively send love and blessings each day to the Earth and all its natural inhabitants
  2. Love all animals, birds and plants on the land and in the sea unconditionally ( from the heart center, not the “thinking”brain )
  3. Have deep gratitude for all of creation
  4. Make meaningful connections with nature each day (eg) take a walk and admire the sky, trees, birds singing, flowers, insects that cross your path
  5. Speak out for nature and animals whenever possible
  6. Recycle all your waste and create compost for your garden
  7. Plant and nurture your own vegetable and herb garden ( in pots or on the land )
  8. Reduce plastic landfill by shopping with your own reusable bags
  9. Talk ( aloud or silently ) to your pets and plants each day
  10. Become a guardian & protector of nature remembering that every simple action taken to save nature has a measurable effect in ways we cannot perceive (eg) a glass of water saved on one side of the planet is put to good use on the other side of the world.