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“Freedom is a divine right
By booking with us you ensure 1 day of freedom for 1 White Lion

White Lions can be found naturally in only one place on earth, in the Timbavati region of South Africa in the heart of the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere which is the 3rd largest biosphere in the world and of global conservation importance. It has long been believed through the ages in myth and legend and more recently by indigenous elders that the arrival of the White Lions heralds a Golden Age for humanity. These sacred animals first started to make their appearance in the early 1970’s but were sadly removed from the wild to become victims of commercial trophy hunting and sent around the world to live in zoos and circuses.

Unfortunately today lion trophy hunting has reached an all time high and despite 20 years of campaigning by the GWLPT and international opposition canned lion hunting is still legally endorsed by the South African government with pressure from the trophy hunting mafia. Sadly today money has become humankind’s “god” and for many a value system no longer exists. This is despite lions being in a 95% decline with an estimation that all “big cats” will be extinct by 2020 without urgent intervention.

The White Lions are not only rare and highly endangered animals worthy of our support to bring them back from the brink of extinction in the wild on the basis of their rarity and beauty, they are also sacred symbols of our times. Our natural world is in a critical state of demise with our wildlife and oceanlife disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Human beings are also on the path to extinction whereby monetary gain and material wealth are valued higher than spiritual and natural connections. The White Lions as pure beings of white light and at the very apex of the natural food chain are here to recall us back to our roots, connecting us back to nature and to our true selves. They invoke the highest qualities in humankind: The Lionheart, The Braveheart and the Trueheart.


In 2002 the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) was founded by author and conservationist Linda Tucker to reintroduce the critically endangered White Lions back into their natural homeland, simultaneously developing a rural support and enrichment program making a difference in the lives of the local communities who neighbour the White Lions lands. Today there are two successfully reintroduced White Lion prides roaming in freedom in their ancestral lands; however their ongoing protection involves not only expanding their borders but ensuring that their entire natural homeland receives “heritage site” status and thereby the highest possible legislative protection. To this purpose genetic research is being carried out, also to ensure that White Lions can be listed for CITES and IUCN Red Data protection globally. The trust is also working hand in hand with local schools to help foster a culture of respect and love for the sacredness of nature and the White Lions.



How You Can Support The Freedom Of The White Lions
  1. Match our donation of 1 day of Freedom for 1 White Lion or donate more
  2. Read more on their website www.whitelions.org
  3. Sign the petition to stop White Lion hunting in South Africa
  4. Join our sacred journey to the White Lions in support of the trust
  5. Host a function or charity event on behalf of the White Lions
  6. Purchase a book, photograph, wisdom cards or others items directly benefitting the trust